The joy of sheet metal processing
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Komb Blechhaus Masch Zukunft Rz

Bending machine

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Benefit from the open space offered by the semi-automatic, graphically controlled Jorns JB bending machine. From simple bending profiles all the way through to complex cladding profiles. Ultimately, you save time that you can then put to better use in your projects. Any ideas?

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Double bending machine

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As several parallel, tapered or overlapped profiles can be bent simultaneously, the fully automatic, graphically controlled Jorns JDB double bending machine will speed up your projects. Planning on doing something bigger? Heart skipped a beat?

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How do you want to work in future?

With which bending machines, which accessories – and which passion?

Are you a forward-looking and enthusiastic manufacturer of roof and wall profiles? We want to help you get ahead with your special requirements – and thus speed up your projects and to simplify your work. To do so, we employ all of our expertise, great flexibility and passion as a Swiss manufacturer, specialist in the production of sheet metalworking machines.

Customer voice

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Florian Taborsky

Hans Taborsky & Sohn GmbH

«Not only the high quality and flexible use of the Jorns double bending machine is the reasons for buying it, but also the competent and friendly consultation. In addition, you can rely on a professional and efficient after-sales service at JORNS. We now have two JORNS bending machines in use and we are extremely satisfied!»

Hans Taborsky & Sohn GmbH, Austria